Tsohost Review and Promo Code

Tsohost Web Hosting Review

Tsohost Review and Promotional Code

Tsohost Promotional Code: 10% Off Hosting/ Servers/ SSL Certificates: JWTG10


If you have your own website you need hosting. A web host keeps your website’s files and databases on its servers and makes them available when people reach your URL. The minimum you want from a web host is a high up time for your website (99%+), good customer service in case there are any problems and value for money. With Tsohost you can get a website online for £2.99/ pm and they will even move your website over from another web host for free. I have been with Tsohost for 3 years and have 14 websites hosted with them. Take a look below as I run through the packages and key features.

Tsohost Cloud Hosting

Tsohost Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloud hosting works by sharing the load for websites in the ‘cloud’ over multiple servers. That means if one server fails the load is taken by the others and your website remains unaffected. Tsohost now offer cloud hosting as standard.

Key Features

Advanced Dashboard

The design and functionality of the dashboard make it easy to use even for a beginner. Adding websites and managing files is intuitive and straightforward and if you have many websites there is a search function. You can choose between a Windows or Linux platform and the cloud dashboard is infinitely scalable.

1 Click Software Install

You can install common software packages such as WordPress to your webspace automatically. With 1 click the database is set up, files uploaded and everything configured for you. There are 28 software packages to choose from including open source ecommerce software.

Self Restore Backups

30 days worth of backups are created automatically for all your websites so if something does go wrong with a few clicks you can put it right. This will give you peace of mind when doing a WordPress update for instance.


Set up emails for your websites so you can send and receive emails from .yourdomain. Once you have them set up you can redirect emails to your preferred email client and manage everything from there.

Multiple Locations

Coming soon you will be able to choose where your website is located through the control panel. The planned locations include multiple sites in the UK, Europe, Asia and America. Your server location is an SEO factor so if you are serving customers in the US a US server location will benefit you likewise with the UK.

Multiple Users

You can give multiple users access to the account with different levels of access.

Tsohost cPanel Hosting

Tsohost cPanel Hosting

With cPanel hosting your website is stored on a particular server. The packages are virtually the same as for the cloud hosting in terms of the pricing and specification, the main practical difference being the dashboard. If you have used cPanel for years and are comfortable with it you may choose to stick with it rather than have to learn to use the cloud dashboard. Other than that your best option is cloud hosting.


  • Lite Hosting: 2 Websites £14.99/ pa
  • Standard Hosting: 4 websites £34.99/ pa
  • Pro Hosting: 6 websites (+ free domain) £49.99/ pa
  • Ultimate Hosting: 100 websites (+ free domain) £199.99/ pa

I currently have 2 pro packages 1 on cPanel and 1 on the cloud hosting. When the cPanel hosting comes up for renewal I will switch over to have them all on cloud.

Tsohost Promotional Code: 10% Off Hosting/ Servers/ SSL Certificates: JWTG10

Customer Service

As of 2010 customer service has been available 24/7 365 days a year.

Online Ticketing System

The online ticketing system can be accessed from the main website or from within your account. You select a category such as billing or technical query then fill out the form and it is sent across to the support team. The average response time is 12 minutes and if you have any further questions you can send a follow up email to the same customer service representative. If accessing the ticketing system from the main website you need to enter a few more details like your company name and fill out a capture form. All your support tickets are saved for you in case you need them later.

Telephone Support

The phone support is free and available 9am – 11pm 7 days a week. If you are calling from a mobile there is a landline number which may work out cheaper than the 0800 number. The few times I have had to use phone support the call has always been answered right away.

Knowledge Base & Forum

There is a knowledgebase and forum which is accessible to anyone whether or not you have an account. It’s not a feature I have needed very often but I did find what I was looking for when I used it.




Tsohost offers the cheapest domain registrations I have found. You can register a domain from £3.35/ ap and I have registered several domains with them. The whois privacy protection is cheaper than their competitors too. I would advise you register domains with the same company you have hosting with if possible as it saves hassle with Nameservers.


Tsohost offer free transfer for .co.uk domains. For other domains you get a free transfer if you register the domain for at least a year. I have transferred several domains from 123reg to Tsohost. You need an authorisation code from your current registrar then you fill out the forms on the Tsohost website. As of August 2013 Tsohost have a dedicated team just for website transfers.

Bulk Register/ Transfer

With the bulk domain registration/ transfer tool you can register or transfer up to 20 domains at once saving time.

Tsohost Promotional Code: 10% Off Hosting/ Servers/ SSL Certificates: JWTG10

SSL certificates

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. You need an SSL certificate if you are operating an e-commerce website or a website handling sensitive user data. An SSL certificate makes the web connection secure and verifies your identity. You can recognise a website with an SSL certificate as they have either https at the start of the URL or a padlock symbol in the browser.

Tsohost offer a standard SSL certificate for £49.99 with up to 256-bit SSL encryption and $10,000 warranty. If you need further protection there are Premium, Wildcard and EV Premium SSL certificates available. For most ecommerce websites a standard SSL certificate is what’s needed. Take care if you decide to shop around. Some cheaper SSL certificates do not provide adequate safety for an ecommerce site.

MS Exchange

Microsoft Exchange enables online collaboration through email, shared contacts and shared calendars. This is a premium service and costs £99.99 pa. I have not used this feature.


Tsohost provide great value for money, excellent customer service and packages to suit businesses of every size. They not only provide hosting but also are the best value domain registrar around and provide website extras such as SSL certificates. The customer retention for Tsohost is 96.7% and with the high level of service I have experienced its not hard to see why. Their cloud hosting solution is ideal if you are new to web hosting and if you need to grow the number of websites you have it is easy to upgrade. If you are unhappy with your current web host switch to Tsohost and they will move your domains over for free. If you have any questions feel free to message me using the contact form. I hope you found this review useful.


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*This review was updated Sept 2013

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