Delete All My Tweets

Delete All My Tweets

Have you ever wanted to wipe the slate clean?

If you have ever managed any social media accounts, whether it be your own personal account or that of your employer you will have made mistakes. It is just human nature, we can’t do everything right all the time!

>> Delete All My Tweets

Here’s What Happened

I was recently asked to manage a Twitter account where 22,000 tweets had been automatically posted using the Twitter API.

The follower count was low, as you can imagine, and I was worried I would have a hard time attracting new followers.

The account had been mismanaged in the past but now was on the right track. The only trouble was I couldn’t easily communicate this to potential followers….

There was only one thing to do, I decided to delete all the tweets. I knew that with 500,000 apps available for Twitter there must be a few which could mass delete tweets. I didn’t know at this stage how ineffective they would be…..

>> Delete All My Tweets

‘Delete All Tweets’

I Googled ‘delete all tweets’ and a few apps came up near the top:











Delete My Tweets





I thought great! and set about deleting tweets. the first app I tried didn’t work at all, so I moved onto the next. This didn’t work properly either…. would any do the job?!

I was messing around for 2 days with these useless apps, the end result being I was down to 19,653 tweets. I gave it up as a bad job. The only trouble was now only 1 tweet was showing on the timeline!

Between them these ‘delete all tweets’ apps had deleted the tweets but not recorded it, completely screwing up the account!

After all this wasted time and effort and the resulting messed up account I decided to get together with a great developer and make an app which does 2 things – deletes all tweets from a Twitter account and takes the account back to zero.

What We Did

What we came up with was DeleteAllMyTweets.  The app has now gone through rigorous testing and this version is highly effective.

Due to some technical aspects of the OAuth interface and server timing issues the limit to delete tweets has been set at 1000 per deletion. If you need to delete more, as I did, you will simply need to repeat the process a few times.

Let’s Face it…

There are times when you may need to reset a Twitter account.

It may be that an account has been mismanaged, maybe you have taken the account over and want to start afresh, maybe you have test accounts that you need to reset…

If you need to delete all tweets from a Twitter account it now couldn’t be easier, just jump on over to the app and give it a go!

>> Delete All My Tweets

Your friend,


PS. If you use the app and have any feedback please use the contact form to let us know so we can improve it even further.

This Week In Social Media

This week we have seen some major changes and announcements in the social media world so I have prepared a short news summary to keep you up to speed!

Twitter Analytics Announced

This week Twitter announced they are introducing analytics to help website owners understand 3 things: How much of their content is being shared on Twitter, how much traffic Twitter is sending to their site/s and how well tweet buttons are performing.

The tool is free and will be available to the general public in the next few weeks! This is great news. These in depth analytics will allow users to measure and refine their Twitter activity :)

Facebook Changes

Claim usernames

All Facebook uncovered the fact this week that Facebook Page owners no longer need 25 Likes to claim the usernames for their Pages. I thought the 25 like rule was in place to prevent people ‘squatting’ on URLs and similar activities, I can’t undersatnd why they have done this personally?


Facebook have introduced a subscribe function now which allows users to follow other users like on Twitter. If you would like to give other Facebookers the chance to follow you you can easily allow subscriptions.

I won’t be allowing people to follow me on Facebook as I mainly use it to keep in contact with friends and family, though I might follow a few people to try it out!

Google + API Unveiled

Google Plus has launched its API this week. This means that developers can create apps for Google + like with Twitter and Facebook and also that Google + can be integrated into existing apps.

I use apps for both Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis and will be interested to see what apps emerge for Google Plus. It also means that you will be able to syndicate social media updates across Google Plus without logging in, which will save you time and could expose your content to more readers :)



The 3 Words That Will Make Your Followers Love You

Human beings like to think they are rational but at the end of the day they are driven by emotions.

Some self help gurus would boil it down even further and tell you that humans are driven away from pain and towards pleasure. IMO they do this so American’s can understand the concept (sorry I watched the final of Celebrity Apprentice USA last night).

What this tells us though is that if we want to drive humans (which we do) we need to engage their emotions.


As with anything social media related we want to put a strategy in place before implementation and I am going to help you with that now by asking you one simple question:

What 3 emotions do you want to elicit in your Twitter followers?

Don’t answer just yet!

Lets look at some of my fave Twitterers to see what emotions they elicit from their followers:

@Copyblogger (Brian Clarke)

1. Amusement – Often makes me smile

2. Interest – Headlines always make you want to click

3. Trust – Message has rock solid consistency

@Unmarketing (Scott Stratten)

1. Amusement – Of a sarcastic bent

2. Empathy – The spokesperson for the annoyed internet user (in a funny way)

3. Satisfaction – Seems down to earth, similar to 2.


1. Friendliness – Always reaching out to people

2. Happiness – Winning smile, happy voice

3. Excitement – Seems very passionate about Facebook and social media

… and here are the emotions I try to elicit:

1. Amusement

2. Trust

3. Interest

The same as @Copyblogger, not a bad man to model in the least! :)

Take note – these are all positive emotions, feel the good vibes maaaaaan


  • More likely to get re-tweeted
  • More likely to get followed in the first place
  • Attention – people will look out for your tweets!
And of course, this translates to more clicks, traffic, leads and customers.

Now, what are the 3 emotions you are going to elicit in your followers?

Please leave them in the comments below!


PS. This concept was put forward in this book >>  Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing Is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online (aff link). This is my take on it :)

Are You Producing Quality Content?

Quality Content

There are nearly 100 million domains registered….. and that’s just .com domains! so…

..What Makes You Stand Out?

What makes people come to your website and want to keep coming back and engage with your company?

Simple – its quality content.

What The Gurus Say

SEO Gurus have recently been pointing out producing quality content means outsized results whilst mediocre or even good content, well as I said earlier: 100,000,000 domains….

A Great Example

As an example, this post with infographic the Noob Guide to Internet Marketing took (the writer) 3 months start to finish.

The post has been shared over 4000 times on Twitter, has 818 Facebook ‘Likes’ and has generated 222 comments since it was posted in February (plus many more shares of the infographic on it own).

Quality Content Test:

1. Can the reader/ content consumer find this info anywhere else?

2. If it is a blog article, would it make it to print?

3. Are you demonstrating your expertise?

4. If it is news, have you added your perspective?

5. Does the content look professional? – Well edited etc.

Weigh Up The Competition

Take a look around, you might have tons of knowledge which isn’t covered anywhere – bingo! If not, you might have a bit more work to do.

Don’t Panick

I am not saying you have to hit it out of the park with every blog post, but bear in mind the questions I have outlined above when producing content.

Over To You

What do you think makes quality content? Do you have a quality content test?


How To Make Your Website More Social

Social Media Website

Its a great idea in 2011 to make your website as social as possible.

Here are a few things you can do to make your website a more social experience! (If you’re a WordPress user :))

Comments – enabled

Use the Disqus plugin to allow peoples’ comments to be updated immediately.

This encourages people to comment and you are notified immediately by email when they do :).

Share buttons – everywhere

Use the Tweet Meme button and the Facebook Like button at the top of your posts.

Use the Share and Follow plugin at the bottom of each post to encourage sharing on: Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter (and more)

(I just use the share part of this plugin.)

Encourage Connection

Use the Social Profiles plugin  to encourage people to subscribe to you posts and connect with you :)


Import your latest tweets using the Twitter Tools plugin. This plugin also automatically syndicates your blog posts directly to Twitter, saving you time.

Facebook Connect

Use the Facebook Like Box for social proof and to encourage people to like your Facebook Page. Facebook generates some code for you then you pop it into a text box and put it in the sidebar.


The Twitter follow button

Googleplus/ LinkedIn

I have tried the Googlecards plugin but haven’t got it to work yet (give it a try to build your circles :) )

I do have a +1 button at the bottom of each post though.

Its probably a good idea to use a LinkedIn share button if you are a professional too.

Your Site?

Do you use any of these plugins? Which plugins do you find best?


I hope this helps.



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Social Media For Business – Still Not Getting It?

Social Media For Business #Fail

Most Businesses Still Aren’t Using Social Media

I have been reading and listening to a few thing around the web recently which in many ways I still find surprising but in other ways match up very closely with what I am observing in reality…

… general companies still do not get social media for business.

Social Media Stats

Stats show that in the US 31% of small businesses have a social media presence (27% on Facebook) and you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound) that is one hell of a lot lower in the UK.

The thing is that of those companies I have observed who do have a social media presence only a handful are active and even less are using the tools effectively.

I honestly don’t know what the holdup is here?

Does this explain it?

Perhaps a recent marketing over coffee podcast I listened to where author DM Scott is interviewed offers up some explanation?

David provides social media marketing consultancy to big corporations in the US, only that’s not what he tells the CEO.

David frames social media for business as real time communications and he says the businesses he work with understand the benefits of that a lot better.

Does this explain it?

I think one of the issues is the perception of social media as being what teenagers do for fun, particularly by the older members of the buisness community.

Sure, people do share pictures of pets, tell you what they had for lunch and all sorts of other stuff through social media but there are also many conversations occurring which are of potential benefit to your business!

Start Today (or Monday)

Find the conversations, build your audience and influence, grow your customer base and sales. (See my resources section for the best resources to show you how :) )

At the minute hardly anyone has started.

I cannot over-emphasise just how HUGE this opportunity is!

Start your social media marketing campaign today! (or Monday)

What’s Your View?

How are you getting on with your social media marketing? What factors do you think are holding businesses back?



What’s Your Dream Job?

Social Media Management = Dream Job

A Visit

I was visiting my gran yesterday afternoon and she asked me what I would like to be doing as a job.

I told her my dream job is what I am doing right now! – digital marketing :)

I Heart Social Media Marketing

I love digital marketing (specifically social media marketing) and here’s why:

Its creative – in the world of social media marketing, ideas and creativity win and that’s one of my key strengths

Integrity – companies marketing through social media need integrity to be effective otherwise the process becomes ‘social media firefighting’

Opportunity – social media is offering up opportunities left and right for companies to improve and increase profits (by listening and engaging). I can help them capitalise on these opportunities before the competition

Lot to learn – even the A list social media people will tell you they are learning and improving their social media activities every day. I love having a lot to learn – it keeps things interesting :)

You Heart ?

Right now is a great time to be doing what you love doing.

What are you passionate about? What are you good at? What’s your dream job?


Should you Schedule Updates for Twitter?

Should You Schedule Updates for Twitter?

Check out the video to find out:


Schedule updates for Twitter to save time.

Forget about having to post if you are very busy at work. You have some ‘in the bank’ so you still have a presence on Twitter.

If you are promoting something such as an event, new product or special offer you can plan a campaign and schedule tweets accordingly.

Don’t Forget

If you are scheduling updated you will still need to check your Twitter account or Twitter client (every day) to see if there are any messages. If people send you a message on the platform they will expect a response relatively quickly.

Try to put time aside every day to go live on Twitter, sending updates, responding to your network and retweeting.

More Reasons

If you are marketing internationally you will need to schedule tweets to reach people in different time zones.

You may wish to schedule several repeats of the same tweet, for example to gain exposure for your blog.

Schedule Updates

Use Hootsuite or Social Oomph to schedule updates (affiliate links). Both offer free and paid versions.

I have used both and recommend Hootsuite.

Feel free to leave comments below.


Take care,





Social Media Profile Branding

Social Media Profile Branding

When it comes to social media profile branding it is important to be consistent.


You will want to use your company name across the social media platforms or if not at least grab the name so no one else can use it :).

Use this tool to check the availability of your company name across many social media platforms.

As an alternative you may wish to use your own name, a version of your company name or a combination of your company name and your name (like I am have on Twitter).


Another element which needs to be consistent is the design. If you have the resources it is advisable (if possible!) to customise the design of your social media profiles.


Social media is all about connections between people. One way to increase the level of connection with your profiles is by using photos of people (headshots) rather than the company logo as your avatar.

Mari Smith suggests having several shots taken by a professional photographer and using those across the various social media platforms.


It is important that your content is consistent, for example that you post regularly and maintain the same ‘voice’ for your company.

Larger companies with many people contributing may wish to draw up guidelines to help with consistency.


I hope you find this post useful!

Any branding experts want to chip in :)?

Have you thought about the branding of your social media profiles?



The ROI of Social Media for Business

The ROI of Social Media for Business

This week I had the pleasure of attending a panel debate about the Return on Investment (ROI) of social media for business, chaired by John Robb in Manchester.

The impact of some traditional online marketing such as Pay Per Click advertising can be easy to measure but with social media is much harder, hence the debate.

Now, you could write a book on the ROI of social media, about there being multiple touchpoints, measuring the value of each interaction or Facebook ‘Like’ etc etc. and I am sure someone probably has or will very soon.

For me it boils down to this: If your company does not invest in social media and your competitors do, long term they will win. They have invested, they get a return, you haven’t, you lose.

Whilst this is a sweeping statement I predict for the vast majority of companies in the UK its true. You only need to look at what’s happening in the US.

Using social media you can build a community of loyal customers, win new customers, conduct market research, recruit, provide customer service, get free ice creams (OK I was joking about the last one ;))

In a few years time social media is going to be integrated into the fabric of pretty much every business in the UK. Those companies who invest now are the ones who will see the best return.

Am I right about this? Is social media a fad? Does social media marketing only suit certain types of company? Let me know what you think in the comments below :)