Freelance SEO Manchester

Freelance SEO Manchester

Think Genial now offers honest, holistic SEO to Manchester businesses. That means we can increase targeted visitors to your website.

What I Learned

Working with businesses in Manchester and being a small business owner myself I have come to realise there is a big need for honest and effective SEO for small businesses. Print advertising is ineffective, online directories push you to take paid listings that send a trickle of visitors, you are bombarded by cold calls from SEO firms promising the world….

As a small business owner you face the dilemma of knowing you need high search engine rankings but not knowing how to go about it. If you hire an SEO firm you don’t have the knowledge to tell if they are doing a good job. Should you go with a firm someone recommended? Are you getting value for money? Is what they are telling you correct…?

Over the past couple of years I have been learning and practising SEO. I have optimised websites for local companies resulting in 1st place Google rankings and I have a number of websites of my own which attract significant targeted web traffic.

Freelance SEO Offer

I am offering keyword research, on site optimisation (if you have a WordPress website) and off site optimisation. If you don’t have a WordPress website the keyword research and off site SEO can be enough to get you a No. 1 ranking (examples provided).

The holistic approach means social media optimisation and optimising local listings. For further details please see the SEO page.

The SEO services I am offering start at £100. However, for a limited time I am offering a free SEO audit and basic keyword research*. With a list of quality keywords you will be well armed to work with another firm or if you decide to do some SEO yourself.

Why Contact Me?

Many SEO firms wont consider a project of less than £1k. The service I offer is for small businesses aiming at medium difficulty keywords so prices start at a lot less. You can spend hundreds on print ads and directory listings with little or no return. With my offer you will see the increase in visitors in Google Analytics. If you aren’t happy with the results after 60 days I’ll give you all your money back.

You may not believe I can significantly improve your web traffic and to be honest, unless you know me, I don’t blame you. There is a lot of false information and false claims made to local companies about SEO. If you contact me I will provide you with:

  • Free SEO audit*
  • List of keywords 
  • Examples of SEO work I have done.

Contact me today for a free SEO audit and keyword list >> SEO CONTACT FORM

* Greater Manchester businesses only

About Joe

Joe White. Owner, Think Genial