Delete All My Tweets

Delete All My Tweets

Have you ever wanted to wipe the slate clean?

If you have ever managed any social media accounts, whether it be your own personal account or that of your employer you will have made mistakes. It is just human nature, we can’t do everything right all the time!

>> Delete All My Tweets

Here’s What Happened

I was recently asked to manage a Twitter account where 22,000 tweets had been automatically posted using the Twitter API.

The follower count was low, as you can imagine, and I was worried I would have a hard time attracting new followers.

The account had been mismanaged in the past but now was on the right track. The only trouble was I couldn’t easily communicate this to potential followers….

There was only one thing to do, I decided to delete all the tweets. I knew that with 500,000 apps available for Twitter there must be a few which could mass delete tweets. I didn’t know at this stage how ineffective they would be…..

>> Delete All My Tweets

‘Delete All Tweets’

I Googled ‘delete all tweets’ and a few apps came up near the top:











Delete My Tweets





I thought great! and set about deleting tweets. the first app I tried didn’t work at all, so I moved onto the next. This didn’t work properly either…. would any do the job?!

I was messing around for 2 days with these useless apps, the end result being I was down to 19,653 tweets. I gave it up as a bad job. The only trouble was now only 1 tweet was showing on the timeline!

Between them these ‘delete all tweets’ apps had deleted the tweets but not recorded it, completely screwing up the account!

After all this wasted time and effort and the resulting messed up account I decided to get together with a great developer and make an app which does 2 things – deletes all tweets from a Twitter account and takes the account back to zero.

What We Did

What we came up with was DeleteAllMyTweets.  The app has now gone through rigorous testing and this version is highly effective.

Due to some technical aspects of the OAuth interface and server timing issues the limit to delete tweets has been set at 1000 per deletion. If you need to delete more, as I did, you will simply need to repeat the process a few times.

Let’s Face it…

There are times when you may need to reset a Twitter account.

It may be that an account has been mismanaged, maybe you have taken the account over and want to start afresh, maybe you have test accounts that you need to reset…

If you need to delete all tweets from a Twitter account it now couldn’t be easier, just jump on over to the app and give it a go!

>> Delete All My Tweets

Your friend,


PS. If you use the app and have any feedback please use the contact form to let us know so we can improve it even further.

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