Delete All My Tweets

Delete All My Tweets

Have you ever wanted to wipe the slate clean?

If you have ever managed any social media accounts, whether it be your own personal account or that of your employer you will have made mistakes. It is just human nature, we can’t do everything right all the time!

>> Delete All My Tweets

Here’s What Happened

I was recently asked to manage a Twitter account where 22,000 tweets had been automatically posted using the Twitter API.

The follower count was low, as you can imagine, and I was worried I would have a hard time attracting new followers.

The account had been mismanaged in the past but now was on the right track. The only trouble was I couldn’t easily communicate this to potential followers….

There was only one thing to do, I decided to delete all the tweets. I knew that with 500,000 apps available for Twitter there must be a few which could mass delete tweets. I didn’t know at this stage how ineffective they would be…..

>> Delete All My Tweets

‘Delete All Tweets’

I Googled ‘delete all tweets’ and a few apps came up near the top:











Delete My Tweets





I thought great! and set about deleting tweets. the first app I tried didn’t work at all, so I moved onto the next. This didn’t work properly either…. would any do the job?!

I was messing around for 2 days with these useless apps, the end result being I was down to 19,653 tweets. I gave it up as a bad job. The only trouble was now only 1 tweet was showing on the timeline!

Between them these ‘delete all tweets’ apps had deleted the tweets but not recorded it, completely screwing up the account!

After all this wasted time and effort and the resulting messed up account I decided to get together with a great developer and make an app which does 2 things – deletes all tweets from a Twitter account and takes the account back to zero.

What We Did

What we came up with was DeleteAllMyTweets.  The app has now gone through rigorous testing and this version is highly effective.

Due to some technical aspects of the OAuth interface and server timing issues the limit to delete tweets has been set at 1000 per deletion. If you need to delete more, as I did, you will simply need to repeat the process a few times.

Let’s Face it…

There are times when you may need to reset a Twitter account.

It may be that an account has been mismanaged, maybe you have taken the account over and want to start afresh, maybe you have test accounts that you need to reset…

If you need to delete all tweets from a Twitter account it now couldn’t be easier, just jump on over to the app and give it a go!

>> Delete All My Tweets

Your friend,


PS. If you use the app and have any feedback please use the contact form to let us know so we can improve it even further.

The Most Powerful Technique

The Power of Newsjacking

Like all great ideas the new book by David Meerman Scott leaves the reader thinking ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’, and the ideas in this book are great. The book is Called ‘Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage’ and is available by digital download only.

What is it?

The central idea of the book is that your company can gain massive media exposure by becoming part of a news story. To do this you must identify an item of breaking news where you can add value, produce some quotable content then get the content to journalists covering the story or get them to notice it. Your goal – to be quoted in paragraph 2 of as many articles about the story as possible. The net impact of a successful newsjack can be £1000s of free exposure for your company.

Its Easy

Sounds simple doesn’t it? and it is, but there are certain things which are mission critical if you want to be a successful newsjacker. DM Scott tells you how to put the systems in place to discover stories, how to get your article found by journalists researching the breaking news, he gives examples of successful newsjackers including a lady who newsjacked Paris Hilton and a porn king who is a serial newsjacker. He even shows you how to get the journalists bringing stories to you for your input.


For me this is a fantastic book and the techniques are something I am going to encourage my clients to implement. I have immediately become aware of 2 great opportunities recently where one of my clients could have used newsjacking techniques to gain media exposure.

I have not read a Kindle book before and it was just like reading a high quailty ebook. I think it was the right decision to publish it in ebook format because the book is very concise and the links really add to it.

If there is one thing the book is a bit light on it is that DM Scott talks about the necessity for large companies and corporations to put themselves in a position to fend off newsjacking events but doesn’t really say how to fend off a newsjack in progress.


I think newsjacking is going to become much more widespread over the next few months and years. If you are at all involved with marketing read this book now and get ahead of the trend!

Want to be a Newsjacker?

  • Put systems in place to monitor news and monitor avidly
  • Have the ability to publish at short notice
  • Use the right angle and the correct language in communications

Buy the book here >>  (affiliate link)


Facebook F8 Resources

The Next Web: Everything You Need To Know About f8

An SEO’s Take On It

Facebook is Not a Social Network Anymore

Mark Zuckerberg’s f8 Keynote

Introducing Timeline

Enable New Timeline Feature

Facebook Timeline Manchester









This Week In Social Media

This week we have seen some major changes and announcements in the social media world so I have prepared a short news summary to keep you up to speed!

Twitter Analytics Announced

This week Twitter announced they are introducing analytics to help website owners understand 3 things: How much of their content is being shared on Twitter, how much traffic Twitter is sending to their site/s and how well tweet buttons are performing.

The tool is free and will be available to the general public in the next few weeks! This is great news. These in depth analytics will allow users to measure and refine their Twitter activity :)

Facebook Changes

Claim usernames

All Facebook uncovered the fact this week that Facebook Page owners no longer need 25 Likes to claim the usernames for their Pages. I thought the 25 like rule was in place to prevent people ‘squatting’ on URLs and similar activities, I can’t undersatnd why they have done this personally?


Facebook have introduced a subscribe function now which allows users to follow other users like on Twitter. If you would like to give other Facebookers the chance to follow you you can easily allow subscriptions.

I won’t be allowing people to follow me on Facebook as I mainly use it to keep in contact with friends and family, though I might follow a few people to try it out!

Google + API Unveiled

Google Plus has launched its API this week. This means that developers can create apps for Google + like with Twitter and Facebook and also that Google + can be integrated into existing apps.

I use apps for both Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis and will be interested to see what apps emerge for Google Plus. It also means that you will be able to syndicate social media updates across Google Plus without logging in, which will save you time and could expose your content to more readers :)



9 Ways To Cheat At Social Media

Game Social Media

1. Buy likes/ followers/views

There are websites where, for a fee, you can get likes on your Facebook Page, buy Twitter followers or buy views on your Youtube video.

There could be benefit in doing this. Your accounts look more popular and with a phenomenon known as social proof, people are ironically more likely to trust you, gaining you more real followers and influence.

2. Buy plus ones

There are packages where you can now buy Google +1s for your website. Though the effects of buying +1s are largely unknown, it is possible your website might gain a higher ranking the more +1s you have. Google +1s from others in your online network are certainly a ranking factor in Google.

3. Mass follow/ unfollow

Either manually or using automated churn scripts like Tweet Adder you can follow and unfollow hundreds of people on your Twitter account.

The follow back rate for Twitter is around 50%, so if you follow and unfollow enough people you can amass quite a following without looking like you are following half the planet!

4. Automate updates

To ensure there is substantial content coming from your Twitter account, you can go to any website with a blog and copy and paste the RSS feed into Twitterfeed. That way every time there is a new post it will be automatically tweeted out to your followers. Social Oomph is another tool you can use to automate your Twitter updates.

5. Game Klout

Klout is a measure of social media influence. The algorithm measures follow-follower ratio, as well as number of tweet, retweets, etc. You can game Klout though. For instance just Tweeting a lot can get you a Klout score of 50 (I do mean a lot 😉) and here’s another post about gaming Klout.

6. #ff lots of people

Follow Friday (#FF) is a practice used to by Twitter users to recommend people they follow. One way to get visibility with your followers is to #FF many blocks of your followers on a Friday. This is also likely to get you mentions if they thank you (think Klout score) 😉

7. Use a personal account for your business on Facebook and friend people

You can open a personal Facebook account for your business and attempt to ‘friend’ prospective customers. You can then convert to a Facebook Page once you have built a fanbase! You might get slapped with a temporary ban if too many people report you for attempting to ‘friend’ them though.

8. Steal blog content

At the darker end of the spectrum, you can put up a website, ‘scrape’ content from other websites and use it on your own :(. If your content gets ‘crawled’ before the stolen content, Google may recognise your content as the original!

You can prevent this from happening to you for example by using this free plugin on your WordPress site

9. Spam blog comments

To try to get traffic to your blog and backlinks you can find and comment on as many blogs as possible that your customers and prospects are reading and add comments with no value; you don’t even need to read the blog to do this.

The most traffic generally comes from comments near the top. Be warned readers may think it unlikely you are ‘adding to the conversation.’

Some of these tactics mentioned here are more effective than others, some are also more unethical than others too! Just remember, the reputation of your business is at stake.

Do you know of any tactics people use to try and cheat at social media?



How To Make Your Website More Social

Social Media Website

Its a great idea in 2011 to make your website as social as possible.

Here are a few things you can do to make your website a more social experience! (If you’re a WordPress user :))

Comments – enabled

Use the Disqus plugin to allow peoples’ comments to be updated immediately.

This encourages people to comment and you are notified immediately by email when they do :).

Share buttons – everywhere

Use the Tweet Meme button and the Facebook Like button at the top of your posts.

Use the Share and Follow plugin at the bottom of each post to encourage sharing on: Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter (and more)

(I just use the share part of this plugin.)

Encourage Connection

Use the Social Profiles plugin  to encourage people to subscribe to you posts and connect with you :)


Import your latest tweets using the Twitter Tools plugin. This plugin also automatically syndicates your blog posts directly to Twitter, saving you time.

Facebook Connect

Use the Facebook Like Box for social proof and to encourage people to like your Facebook Page. Facebook generates some code for you then you pop it into a text box and put it in the sidebar.


The Twitter follow button

Googleplus/ LinkedIn

I have tried the Googlecards plugin but haven’t got it to work yet (give it a try to build your circles :) )

I do have a +1 button at the bottom of each post though.

Its probably a good idea to use a LinkedIn share button if you are a professional too.

Your Site?

Do you use any of these plugins? Which plugins do you find best?


I hope this helps.



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Planning a Networking Event? Use One of These #

Worthwhile Event

I attended a very worthwhile business networking event this evening.

I learned a bit during the presentation which helped me clarify my business goals, there were friendly small business owners and the like to network with and there were some biscuits.


A few days prior to the event I had hopped onto LinkedIn to introduce myself and followed a few people on Twitter and I had exchanged tweets with 1 guy prior to the event (though in actual fact I didn’t see him there).

I had been thinking before the event – wouldn’t it would be great if the event had a hashtag :). That way, I could do a quick Twitter search and check out who on Twitter was going.

Use of #s for Events

I have attended a few social media meetups in Manchester and the folks who attend use the event hashtag before, during and after the event.

Beforehand, you can see who is going and tweet people if you like. Afterwards you can follow up with people you have met or maybe tweet a useful link with the hashtag for people who were there.

Tweets are sometimes broadcast to attendees during the event via a digital display. This can add an element of fun and interactivity :).

I have also read of instances where people who are not at events have become involved in the discussions taking place through the live Twitter broadcasts being shown on screen.

Give it a Try

It may be true that the folks attending a social media meetup in the 3rd top Twitter city in Europe may be more inclined to make use of a hashtag than folks at a regular business networking event.

That said, I think that many networking events could benefit from the use of hashtags and no doubt some will be using them already.

The main benefit before the event would be that it would facilitate those attendees who use Twitter to connect and get to know each other a bit. They would maybe recognise each other at the event and it would be easier to the continue the conversation than to start one.

After the event people could easily follow up with each other and maybe tweet people who they didn’t get chance to chat with whilst they were there.

How to

So, if you are planning a networking event I would create a simple hashtag for the event and include it with all the promotional material. How do you do that? Like this > #event. Keep it short, include it with all promotional material, simples.  No need to make a big deal of it, just include it, people using Twitter will know what it is.

You don’t need permission to create a hashtag, just make one up and check no-one else is using it already then you’re good to go.

Then attendees can make contact beforehand on Twitter by including the hashtag it a tweet. eg. Is anyone going to #event next week? / I’m going is there any parking? #event / Do you know what sort of biscuits they had at #event last time? etc.

That’ my top tip for networking event organisers.

Would networking events benefit from the use of their own hashtag? Are many in fact already using them? Feel free to comment :).



Edit: I am aware hashtags are used for digital/ tech/ social media events, my point is really that their use should be more widespread and extend to regular non-digital networking events. Do you agree with this?

5 Reasons why Social Media is like Improv Comedy

5 Reasons why Social Media is like Improv Comedy


Social media is like improv comedy in many ways and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Audience participation

If you have seen any improv either live or on TV you will know that the inspiration for each scene or game comes from the audience.

The audience is asked a question such as – what is your favourite animal or what was the best Christmas present you ever received? Say the answer is goat, then goat would be the inspiration for the scene!

At improv shows they also like to get members of the audience up on stage to join in games and you may be sung to if its your birthday.

Lots of bloggers and social media people do the same, they get inspiration and content from their audience and this keeps things interactive and the audience engaged. In social media its called crowd-sourcing.

Brands do it too. For example, Starbucks have a website where fans can submit their ideas for flavours of coffee and the best are chosen and used by Starbucks.

2. Yes and

One of the foundations of improv is ‘yes and’. This means that whatever your co-players do you take it and build on it.

For example your co-player might say – ‘Wow! your hair is looking lovely today’ and you might say something like ‘Thanks I’m just back from seeing my stylist’

The same thing happens through social media. On blogs, people will take an idea from a post and add to it in the comments (like I hope you will do with this post ;)), on Twitter people ‘curate content’ by adding their own twist on content created by someone else, on wikis people build on other peoples ideas and information.

3. Low barrier to entry

At the improv lessons I attend in Manchester anyone is welcome to join in. they have beginners lessons where you can learn the basics and intermediate lessons.

If you are good enough, you progress on to the team. Some people who started beginners with me are now on the team!

The same is true for social media. The barriers to entry are low, anyone can join in. There is not even a geographical barrier like there would be to join an improv troupe (though you could start your own).

Anyone can start up on Twitter, create a Facebook Page, start a blog on Blogger or WordPress or set up a Youtube account.

Once you have learned the basics you get better and you may begin to garner some attention. If you’re really good at it you may move up to the big leagues and gain a bigger audience!

4. Its Fun!

Watching and doing improv comedy is tremendous fun and so is participating in social media.

5. You always get some idiots

If you go to an improv show, I am thinking of some I have been to, you get a few idiots. Stag dos spring to mind. The idiots can be a bit obnoxious and try to spoil it for other people. They are best ignored.

In social media circles these idiots are called Trolls. Because they can remain anonymous they can be even more annoying than at an improv show as they can’t be held accountable for their comments.

Just like at an improv show the best course of action is to ignore these annoying folk and kick them out/ block them if you need to.

There are my 5 reasons why improv comedy is like social media.

If you know any more I would love to hear them in the comments.


Bye for now!