9 Ways To Cheat At Social Media

Game Social Media

1. Buy likes/ followers/views

There are websites where, for a fee, you can get likes on your Facebook Page, buy Twitter followers or buy views on your Youtube video.

There could be benefit in doing this. Your accounts look more popular and with a phenomenon known as social proof, people are ironically more likely to trust you, gaining you more real followers and influence.

2. Buy plus ones

There are packages where you can now buy Google +1s for your website. Though the effects of buying +1s are largely unknown, it is possible your website might gain a higher ranking the more +1s you have. Google +1s from others in your online network are certainly a ranking factor in Google.

3. Mass follow/ unfollow

Either manually or using automated churn scripts like Tweet Adder you can follow and unfollow hundreds of people on your Twitter account.

The follow back rate for Twitter is around 50%, so if you follow and unfollow enough people you can amass quite a following without looking like you are following half the planet!

4. Automate updates

To ensure there is substantial content coming from your Twitter account, you can go to any website with a blog and copy and paste the RSS feed into Twitterfeed. That way every time there is a new post it will be automatically tweeted out to your followers. Social Oomph is another tool you can use to automate your Twitter updates.

5. Game Klout

Klout is a measure of social media influence. The algorithm measures follow-follower ratio, as well as number of tweet, retweets, etc. You can game Klout though. For instance just Tweeting a lot can get you a Klout score of 50 (I do mean a lot 😉) and here’s another post about gaming Klout.

6. #ff lots of people

Follow Friday (#FF) is a practice used to by Twitter users to recommend people they follow. One way to get visibility with your followers is to #FF many blocks of your followers on a Friday. This is also likely to get you mentions if they thank you (think Klout score) 😉

7. Use a personal account for your business on Facebook and friend people

You can open a personal Facebook account for your business and attempt to ‘friend’ prospective customers. You can then convert to a Facebook Page once you have built a fanbase! You might get slapped with a temporary ban if too many people report you for attempting to ‘friend’ them though.

8. Steal blog content

At the darker end of the spectrum, you can put up a website, ‘scrape’ content from other websites and use it on your own :(. If your content gets ‘crawled’ before the stolen content, Google may recognise your content as the original!

You can prevent this from happening to you for example by using this free plugin on your WordPress site http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pubsubhubbub/

9. Spam blog comments

To try to get traffic to your blog and backlinks you can find and comment on as many blogs as possible that your customers and prospects are reading and add comments with no value; you don’t even need to read the blog to do this.

The most traffic generally comes from comments near the top. Be warned readers may think it unlikely you are ‘adding to the conversation.’

Some of these tactics mentioned here are more effective than others, some are also more unethical than others too! Just remember, the reputation of your business is at stake.

Do you know of any tactics people use to try and cheat at social media?



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